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The college cycling association was formally established

Author:Niu JinLing | Date:2013-06-14
          In the afternoon of April 11th, under the active planning of our college union, the establishment ceremony of cycling association was held before the office building. Some teachers’ and students, a total of more than 20 people attended the ceremony.
 Xue Lingzhi, deputy dean, gave a speech at the ceremony. He is also a cycling enthusiast, asking people to practice the concept of "low carbon travel, green environmental protection", so as to improve the quality of life. After the ceremony, the association members launched the first riding.
          Institute of technology (MIT) has long been active with a number of cycling enthusiasts. They spontaneously began the cycling exercise for a long time. In response to the government's call of low carbon travel, coping with the school’s major decision of canceling the shuttle buses, advocating sports fitness, the union planed to establish bicycle association, bicycle association of members, including teachers and students, a total of more than 40 people, will use the rest time organized bicycle exercise on a regular basis, all members of society in the future full of expectation.