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Electronic and Information Engineering

| Date:2014-05-19
The major of Electronic Information Engineering (EIE), formerly known as Applied Electronic Technology, began to enroll undergraduate students in 1984. It is one of the earliest undergraduate majors in Hebei University of Science and Technology. According to the State Board of Education undergraduate adjustment directory, it was renamed as Electronic Information Engineering in 1999 and was awarded as the prestigious program in 2004 by Hebei Province Department of Education.
EIE is one of the rapid developing and highly dynamic areas in information science and technology. It contains a wide range of professional knowledge, and is welcomed by many fields. In this major, students will learn knowledge covering the entire electronic information discipline. The core curriculum includes three areas: electric circuit technology, signal and information processing technology and intelligent technology, and also four core course groups: electronic circuit courses, signal and information processing courses, test and measurement technology courses, computer technology courses. EIE professional courses include Micro-Electric Mechanism System, Principle and Application of DSP, Principle and Application of Single-Chip Computer, Technology of Power and Electronic, Technique of Electron Measurement, Signal and System, Automatic Control Technology, Digitizing Measurement Technology, Digital Signal Processing, Communication Technology, Interface Technology of Microcomputer, Sensor Principle and Applications, and so on.
The program has trained a large number of outstanding graduates with solid foundation of basic knowledge and ability of engineering practice. Students gained several national and provincial awards and are welcomed by all sorts of companies.