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| Date:2014-05-19
Educational Objectives: This program prepares graduates with a strong background in control theory combined with electronic technology, computer technology and detection technology.
Students will have expertise in system analysis, design, integration and implementation of varies electrical automatic systems.
Basic Core Courses: 
? Advanced Algebra
? College Physics
? Function of Complex Variable and Integral Transform
? Probability and Statistics
? Mathematical Analysis
? Mathematical Equations and Special Functions
Specialized Core Courses: 
? Adaptive control 
? Automatic control theory 
? Circuit Analysis 
? Computer Control System 
? Computer Technology and Programming 
? Control of Robotics 
? Conversion of Mechanical and Electrical Energy 
? Electronics 
? Energy Conversion Technology 
? Microcomputer Theory and Interfacing Technique 
? Motors and Control 
? Optimal Control 
? Power Electronic Technology 
? Sensors and Detection Technology 
? Signal and System 
? System Identification 
Program Outcomes: Automation graduates are qualified to work in areas related with control and automation, such as process control, manufacturing control, electrical power control, control within vehicles or aero planes. Future employers could be an industrial enterprise (involved in electrical, mechanical or chemical engineering), an engineering consultancy or marketing office, a public administrative body or a research institute. Automation engineers are employed in all sectors: manufacturing, services, and management.
Duration and Diploma: 4 years, Bachelor Degree in Engineering