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Pharmacy(Pharmacy,Pharmaceutical preparations)

| Date:2014-05-19
Pharmacy Program:
This program combines the study of theories on pharmaceutical issues and intensive training in research technologies.  The program is intended to provide students with strong scientific and technical backgrounds. The program is designed to prepare students for research and academic careers in pharmaceutical analysis, clinical application of new medicine, pharmaceutical administration, research, design, production and management of new medicine.
Degree Requirements:
Students in this program spend the first 2 years studying the basic sciences, biology and chemistry courses. In the first semester of the 3rd Year of their undergraduate study, student must choose from different areas of concentration. Upon graduation, students must have completed core courses, lab courses, practicum and thesis writing.
Course Offering:
Basics Biology & Chemistry Core
Advanced Mathematics
Linear Algebra Probability & Statistics
College English
Law Basics 
Computer Basics
Programming Language Inorganic Chemistry 
Analytical Chemistry 
Organic Chemistry 
Physical Chemistry
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Medicinal Chemistry Pharmaceutics Pharmacology 
Pharmacy Analysis 
Clinic.al Pharmacology 
Pharmacy Metabolism Kinetics
Survey of Modern Medicine 
Pharmacy Spectral Analysis
Pharmacy Chromatography Analysis
Pharmaceutical Law
Pharmaceutical Preparations Program:
It demands the students to master the fundamental theories and experiment skills of Chinese and Western Materia Medica, Biological Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Analysis, etc. The graduates should be able to take up the research, development and designing of drug dosage forms and preparation, the production, preparation and quality control of drug preparation as well as medicine management and administration, etc.
Major Courses for Specialty: Chemistry, Pharmacy, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Pharmacology, Principles and Equipment of Pharmaceutical Engineering, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Industrial Pharmacy, Biological Pharmacy and Medicine Dynamics, etc.
1.Educational Objectives 
To cultivate inventive, innovational, and industrious senior trained personnel, specialized in developing and researching, designing and supervising of Pharmaceutical Preparation with related knowledge and skills and meeting the requirement of TCM development.
2. Basic Requirements
command basic theory, knowledge and skills of Pharmaceutical Preparation systematically Possess morality and culture that college student should have; be capable of self-learning, analyzing and solving problem. Command one foreign language; be capable of reading specialty literature in foreign language.
3. Professional Educational Objectives
To cultivate senior trained personnel in possession of basic theory, experimental skill of pharmacology, bio-pharmacy, industrial pharmacy, pharmaceutical analysis, specialized in developing and researching, design and supervising of Pharmaceutical Preparation.
4. Professional Educational Requirements
Command basic theory, knowledge and skill of Pharmaceutical Preparation, especially principles of Pharmaceutical Preparation, methods and applications of principles of dosage form, production and quality control. They can work in developing and researching, designing, production of dosage form, combination, supervising and management fields of Pharmaceutical Preparation after graduation.
The student is supposed to possess following knowledge and ability:
1.command basic theory, method and skills of bio-pharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics as well as industrial pharmaceutics;
2.command basic theory and practical skills of pharma-chemistry, physic-chemistry, Polymer Science in Pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical analysis, pharmacology;
3. Know principle of Pharmaceutical Preparation engineering and equipment, plant design, production management and quality control;
4. Know basic methods of literature and reference search;
5. Know basic knowledge of medicine management and laws;
6. Acquire basic knowledge and skills of Pharmaceutical Preparation research and development;
7.command one foreign language 
8. Skilled access to computer application.
5. Length of Schooling and Degree
The length of schooling for undergraduate study is 4 years. Bachelor of Science degree is awarded.