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Fashion Design Major

| Date:2014-05-19
The Fashion Design Major in Hebei University of Science and Technology was set up in 1987 to provide bachelor-degree and above education. As a multi-discipline and cross-discipline major, it is established to train professional garment designers of bachelor degree and above. This major is purposed to foster high-end application talents who has the knowledge and competences of art design and creation, teaching and research on the basis of garment industry theories and knowledge, and are competent to pursue such art design, research, education or management careers as garment design, constructional design, garment accessory design and garment planning in art design education, research, design, production or management entities.
The major courses include sketching, color science, plane composition, color composition, computer-aided art design, garment design, garment construction design, garment materials, garment engineering, technological management of garment production, garment-related foreign language, household textile design and fabrication, etc.